Welcome to MONARCH-3D

What we do is only limited by the imagination of our customers.  Our diverse background makes us a perfect fit for trouble-shooting a design or preparing our customers for their next Trade Show.  

MONARCH-3D capabilities and services.

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Trade-Show and Marketing exhibits

We specialize in presentation models for the boardroom meeting or the next product reveal.

Reverse Engineering

Let us capture a part in 3D.  Make modifications before relaunching a product.

Laser Scanning

Capture a part or building. Let us get the data you need and prepare for the next phase.

3D Prep and Printing

CAD model and STL file repair. Material recommendations.  Part management and post processing.

Paint and Finish

We specialize in Automotive Finishes.  Base coats/Clear coats.  Body work and textures.


Mold making/ Resin casting.  Wood and Plastics.  Specialty materials, adhesives and Finishes.

Ask us 

The most important service MONARCH 3D offers is Solutions.

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Welcome to MONARCH-3D

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